Andrés Andrade

Hyundai DCO

The first ever DCO campaign prototype for Hyundai in Europe.

I was in charge of leading the concept and implementation of the first ever DCO campaign for Hyundai. We used two models Tucson and Kona, for which we shot a collection of diverse audiovisual modules that mirrored our most common target audiences genders and lifestyles.

These were automatically edited, combined and served to viewers across Europe, if their profiled data matched our predefined parameters.

Client: Hyundai Motors Europe

Agency: Innocean Berlin

My Role: Associate Creative Director

DCO Concept
DCO Implementation
Digital Automation

Gabriel Mattar, Ricardo Wolf, José Gomes, Perdro Lourenco, Andy King, Bianca Heusch, Sven Kuebler, Ichraq Sabbani.

DCO DOP: Javier Molina
Post: Pirates 'n Paradise Berlin
Dynamic Automation & Serving: Adylic

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