Andrés Andrade

The Bookcase For Tolerance

Anne Frank's iconic bookcase transformed into an AR portal to step inside true-to-life rooms.

In 1942, Anne Frank moved into a secret annex concealed by a custom-built bookcase. 80 years later, people are facing growing antisemitism, racism and inequality.

To fight this, the iconic bookcase was transformed into an AR portal allowing users to step inside the true-to-life rooms of Anne Frank and four young people suffering modern day persecution.

The stories were told via personal objects and testimonials in the app ↗  and the website ↗

Room 1 · Anne Frank

Room 2 · Kuei

Room 3 · Mees

Room 4 · Majd

Room 5 · Dalit

Case Film

Client: Anne Frank House Amsterdam

Agency: Innocean Berlin

My Role: Associate Creative Director

Art Direction Guideline
Web Design
Web Development
IG Filter Dev.

Gabriel Mattar, Ricardo Wolff, Reinier Gorissen, Marlon von Franquemont, Anna Nowak-Otto, Allison Markert, Bruno Oppido, Gonçalo Martinho, Leon Celay, Antonio Neto, Javier Granados, Juan Kebork, Quynh Tran Khanh, Hajra Tariq

App Development: Media.Monks
Music Composition: Massive Music Berlin
Director Documentaries: Ted Alkemade
Stills: Yvette de Wit
DOP Documentaries: Bob Alkemade
Director Teaser Film: Johan Kramer
DOP Teaser Film: Wouter Westendorp
Docu Illustrations: Rik Nieuwdorp
Director Teaser Film: Johan Kramer
DOP Teaser Film: Wouter Westendorp
VO Artist Teaser Film: Elliot Page
Photography Folders: Sven Shrader


Cannes Lions
Digital Craft􀥍Bronze Lion
Brand Experience􀥍Shortlist
Mobile VR􀥍Shortlist

Entertainment􀥍Yellow Pencil
Graphic Design􀥍Wood Pencil
Experimental􀥍Wood Pencil
Digital Design􀥍Wood Pencil

ADC Global
Interactive VR􀥍Silver Cube
Design for Good􀥍Silver Cube
Experimental Design􀥍Bronze Cube
UX Design􀥍Bronze Cube

One Show
Online Films􀥍Merit
Digital Design􀥍Merit

Digital & Interactive Design􀥍Silver
Digital Craft/UI􀥍Shortlist
Experience Design􀥍Shortlist

Interactive & Mobile 􀥍 Silver

ADC Germany
Online/Hybrid Exhibition􀥍Silver
Creative Use of UX􀥍Bronze
Interface Design/ APP 􀥍 Bronze
AR Experience􀥍Distinction
Creative Use of Tech􀥍Distinction
Room Intervention􀥍Distinction
Immersive World􀥍Distinction

ADCN Members􀥍Gold
Digital AR & VR􀥍Silver
Comms. Experiential􀥍Bronze
Comms. Digital Campaigns􀥍Bronze

Public Interest/Social􀥍Bronze

The People's Award
Best Inst. or experience􀥍Gold‍
‍Mobile & Experiential 􀥍Gold

Brand AR/VR􀥍Gold
Digital Craft􀥍Silver
Branded Apps/Games􀥍Silver
Creative Technology􀥍Bronze

People Voice Winner 2022
Best Use of AR 2022

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