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There's Nothing Comic About Dyslexia

Comic Sans, a font often relegated to birthday party flyers, gets a surprising makeover in the "There's Nothing Comic About Dyslexia" campaign. This clever initiative uses the much-maligned typeface to raise awareness about the need for inclusive design.

Dyslexia affects roughly 10% of the global population. Interestingly, Comic Sans' playful features, like its distinct letter shapes and wider spacing, can actually improve readability for dyslexic readers. This fact is often overlooked by designers who dismiss the font for its informality.

The project aims to inspire designers to move beyond the Comic Sans debate. The goal is to create fonts that are both dyslexic-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, like Inconstant Regular by Daniel Brokstad. This innovative typeface reflects the variability of the dyslexic experience itself.

For this project, I spearheaded the digital side, including social media strategy and taking ownership of all aspects of web development.

Innocean Berlin
Dyslexia Scotland
Associate Creative Director / Digital





There's Nothing Comic About Dyslexia challenged designers to rethink their truths about typography, inviting them to create more inclusive typefaces.


Inconstant Regular Font Casefilm

Daniel Brokstad created 'Inconstant Regular' an innovative typeface that applied all qualities needed for a dyslexic friendly font.