Andrés Andrade
5 — 10

M.AD Game Changers

M.AD Game Changers is an innovative educational game distilling the advertising industry's 32 most iconic ideas into a captivating and interactive learning experience.

This comprehensive curriculum empowers students to not only understand these timeless concepts but also draw inspiration from them and put them into practice.

The program's core ideas were meticulously chosen through a collaborative effort. M.AD graduates, industry leaders themselves, contributed their most cherished concepts, and current M.AD students actively participated in the selection process. This unique approach ensures the chosen ideas resonate with both experienced professionals and aspiring students.

Innocean Berlin
Miami Ad School
Associate Creative Director



By showcasing the brilliance behind legendary campaigns, M.AD Game Changers serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring advertising professionals.

Three Mobile UI Layouts
Three Mobile UI Layouts


My role on this project was multifaceted. I played a leading role in conceptualizing, designing, and collaborating with the developer to bring the project website to life.

This involved:

User Experience (UX) Focus: I prioritized user experience throughout the design process. This ensured the website was not only visually appealing but also intuitive and easy to navigate. Users could effortlessly find all essential information, including:
Interactive card displays showcasing project details. In-depth project information.

Visual Design: I crafted a visually compelling design that effectively communicated the project's essence and engaged users.

Technical Collaboration: I worked closely with the developer throughout the implementation process, ensuring a seamless translation of design concepts into a functional website.

A collection of User Interface elements.

Enhanced User Experience

The project website empowered users with a robust search and filtering system, fostering a highly personalized browsing experience. This system catered to both project and student exploration:

Project Exploration:

Users could leverage a variety of filtering options to refine their project searches. This included filtering by: Category: Streamline navigation by focusing on specific project types. Year: Explore projects by year of creation to track trends or discover historical gems. Engagement Metrics: Discover the most popular projects based on user interaction, using filters for "Likes" and "Shares."

Student Exploration:

The website catered to those interested in the creators behind the projects. Users could filter students based on:
Academic Major: Discover student talent within specific academic disciplines. Country of Origin: Explore the global reach of the program and student diversity. Place of Enrollment: Identify students from specific campuses or programs within the institution.

Intuitive Structure for Easy Navigation

The website employed a clear and user-friendly structure divided into five key sections: Header, Project Cards, Joker, How to Play, Graduates Section and Students Cards.

Project Cards: This core section showcased the 32 projects, utilizing interactive cards for easy browsing.

Graduate Section: This section served as a spotlight for successful alumni, showcasing their achievements and potentially including short interview snippets through a "questionnaire."

The Student Cards: Displayed student profiles and contact information for those who participated in the live voting

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