Andrés Andrade

Kia Connect

Relaunching a powerful app and making it ready for the future.

Kia Connect provides digital access to remote features and services that truly enhance the ownership experience. Kia asked us to relaunch their dedicated page with a clearer structure and a new look and feel.

We also created a promotional video, a pairing guide for existing users and developed a flexible dedicated section for all new upcoming features.

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Promotional Video

Client: Kia Motors EU

Agency: Innocean Berlin

My Role: Associate Creative Director

Information Architecture
Web Design
Promotional Video
Pairing Guide

Alessia Bellini, Bianca Kisten, Frances Schindler, Julia Kremer, Julia Sachse, Julian Eichhoff, Lisa Parrino, Verena Wechsler, Suzaanne Ravasi,

Promotional Video:
Psyop + Dyrdee

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